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manufacture process of molybdenum plate

manufacture process of molybdenum plate
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Manufacture Process of Molybdenum Plate

There is a technical process of forming molybdenum plate: Molybdenum powder---isostatic pressing --- molybdenum pressed compact --- induction sintering (protected by hydrogen) --- molybdenum plate compact --- hot rolling by rolling mill --- anneal --- acid-based washing --- cold rolling by cold rolling mill --- broad molybdenum plate. Of course, this is only one way to form molybdenum plate, there are other methods, for example, rolling and forging and casting.

Molybdenum plate (defined as flat stock with a thickness above 3mm) is finished by grit blasting and stress relieving. Highly refined molybdenum chemicals are hydrogen reduced to molybdenum powder, having a purity of 99.9% minimum. The powder is isostatically pressed and sintered into slabs of a uniform fine grained structure. The slabs are worked first by hot rolling and then by cold rolling to the thickness specified. So, hot rolling is an effective way to form molybdenum plate from molybdenum powder.

After manufacturing molybdenum plate, to check whether the plate match the standard of flatness is very critical. Following is the method to check the flatness of molybdenum plate.

Molybdenum plate is inspected on a flat plate in accordance with ASTM B386-62t. All plate over 0.5mm thick will exhibit a maximum flatness of 4% and under 0.5mm thick being 5%.

(Picture: molybdenum-plate-flatness)

This is defined as:

H / L x 100 = flatness, percent.
Where: H = Maximum vertical distance between a flat reference surface and the lower surface of the sheet or plate
L = Minimum horizontal distance between the highest point of the sheet or plate and the point of contact with the flat reference surface.

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