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Molybdenum Products in Our Company

Molybdenum Products in Our Company
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Molybdenum Products in Our Company

Molybdenum plate is a critical product of molybdenum series provided by our company. Besides molybdenum plate, other products also can be found in our company. At the same time, we tailor products for customers and we can also make products according to customers’ drawings and requirements.

(Picture: molybdenum plate----molybdenum plate is mainly used to make furnace and parts for the electronics and semiconductor industries.)

(Picture: molybdenum sheet --- molybdenum sheet is offered in our company. It is thinner than molybdenum plate, and it can be used in reflection shield and heating tapes. Meanwhile, molybdenum sheet is the protection choice for boats and sheets.)

(Picture: molybdenum foil --- molybdenum foil is even thinner than molybdenum sheet. It can be used as lamb material. )

(Picture: molybdenum boat--- this is also one of molybdenum products, which can be evaporation vessel.)

(Picture: molybdenum rod ---- this is a cylinder-shape products, which can be used in fabricating heating elements, fasteners and structural components for high temperature HIP, vacuum and hydrogen atmosphere furnaces.)

We also can offer molybdenum alloy, bars, electrodes, needles, crucibles, disc, and TZM. If you have any interest in molybdenum products, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: or by telephone: 86 592 512 9696.

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